Unfortunately for most nurses, managing multiple stressors for many hours a day is a major part of their hectic and often demanding lives. However, the latest non-pharmacological weapon to beat stress – massage – is an easy one to incorporate into the workplace, according to a recent study.

Benefits of chair massage

Chair massage relieves stress

Nurses (mostly women ranging in age from 21-65) working in an outpatient pain management clinic and inpatient psychiatric unit participated in the 10-week study. They each received a 15-minute chair massage every week.

Nurses scheduled massages during breaks in their normal workday (8 to 12 hours per day) and filled out questionnaires assessing an array of factors, including quality of life, current levels of anxiety and insomnia, physical problems and perceived stress three times during the study.

By the numbers:

Suggestions for your practice

Consider expanding your client base by offering chair massages to businesses, including health care offices and hospitals.


Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice

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Melissa Wood, ND