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This course will help you learn how to communicate effectively with your massage clients. It provides 6 CE Hours and includes sections on:

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Class Objectives

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your massage therapy clients
  • Eliminate misunderstandings with clients
  • Turn that “one-time” client into a “forever” client

Learning how to effectively communicate will help you not only with your massage clients, but with all the other people in your life – friends, family, colleagues, etc. This online class is for Licensed Massage Therapists who want to improve their relationships and earn continuing education credits for license renewal.

Class Outline

  • Introduction and Objectives – Why learn about communication?
  • How communication works
  • Positive communication starts with you
  • Overcoming the barriers to human interactions
  • Embracing diversity – learning to adapt to others
  • Managing conflicts successfully
  • Putting skills into action
  • Open-book exam

Sample Course Text

In the United States, the term “Elderspeak” has emerged to define a well-meaning, but belittling form of speech that caregivers and medical professionals use when talking to their elderly patients. More specifically, elderspeak involves:

  • talking more slowly and loudly than usual;
  • repeating statements;
  • simplifying complex sentences;
  • addressing people by their first name or overly familiar terms such as “sweetie,” “honey,” or “young lady;”
  • using a sing-song voice, limited vocabulary, and statements that sound like questions.

Even though elderspeak is meant to be helpful and supportive, older people often believe it is patronizing and demeaning. Researchers are now finding that the use of elderspeak can actually have negative consequences on the psychological and physical health of older people.

Sample Assessment Question

How do you counteract your natural ethnocentric tendencies?

  • A. Be open-minded when interacting with clients or co-workers from a different culture.
  • B. Never think that your own culture is better than everybody else’s.
  • C. Both A & B
  • D. None of the above

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