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This comprehensive course provides 6 CE Credit Hours and discusses lower back pain, one of the most common conditions that cause Americans to seek massage therapy. You’ll learn about:

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Class Objectives

  • Learn about common lower back conditions
  • See how different massage modalities are used to treat lower back pain
  • Learn more about modern medical treatments, as well as natural therapies that may help your clients

This online continuing education class for Licensed Massage Therapists focuses on Lower Back Pain. You’ll learn how it impacts our lives and health, as well as various ways to help alleviate the pain. The knowledge can help you in your daily life, and you’ll be better equipped to treat clients with specific lower back conditions.

Class Outline

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Defining the Lower Back
  • Classifying Lower Back Pain
  • Causes of Lower Back Pain
  • Common Conditions Associated with LBP
  • Massage Therapy & Lower Back Pain
  • Other Low Back Pain Treatment Approaches
  • Preventing Lower Back Pain
  • Additional Reading Material
  • Open-book exam

Sample Course Text

Spondylolisthesis is strongly correlated with lower back pain, because the majority of vertebral slippages occur in L4, L5 and S1 (and correspondingly associated with lower back pain in young people).

In addition, muscle spasms in the lower back are common. There is something called the “pain-spasm-pain cycle” and it can definitely contribute to issues in the lower back. This occurs when there is pain, then the muscles tense up and there is an increase in pain, then more tension when the muscles spasm again and then pain again. The sufferer may also feel pain in the buttocks, as well as when walking, standing up or bending backwards.

Sample Assessment Question

Which of the following classifies lower back pain due to nervous system damage?

  • A. Neurogenic lower back pain
  • B. Viscerogenic lower back pain
  • C. Endemic lower back pain
  • D. Spondylogenic lower back pain

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