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This online class provides 12 CE Credit Hours for licensed massage therapists and provides information about:

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Class Objectives

  • Learn how to keep yourself healthier so you will have a long, fulfilling massage therapy career
  • Keep yourself in top physical condition
  • Help you educate your massage clients

This online continuing education class about health was created especially for Licensed Massage Therapists. Better health can help you have many happy, productive and profitable years in this industry, but it can also put you in a unique position to positively affect the clients you treat. Whether your clients seek treatment to help them cope with ongoing pain or have a level of stress that can be alleviated by massage therapy sessions, most of the people you trat already recognize the health benefits of massage therapy. As a healing and health practitioner, you must exhibit good healthy habits yourself so you can be a model to your clients.

Class Outline

  • Good Health Introduction
  • How to Read a Food Label
  • Enriched/Fortified Foods are Detrimental to our Health
  • Eating Simple Foods for Better Health
  • Water: the “Other” Drink
  • Toxins & Chemicals
  • Stress & Emotional Health
  • Are You Addicted to Prescription Medication?
  • Exercise
  • Sleeping Adequately
  • Stop Smoking!
  • Hormones and Our Health
  • Proper Body Mechanics & Healthy Work Habits
  • Taking Responsibility for Your Health
  • Why Choose Natural Therapies
  • All About Nutritional Supplements
  • Giving Your Best to Your Client
  • Closing Thoughts: You Can Regain your Health!
  • Movies to See for your Health
  • Natural Health Modality Listing
  • Open-book exam

Sample Course Text

Lab tests show that pesticides kill brain cells. Organochlorine insecticides in particular have been found to cause different types of cancer in humans. Chemical pesticides have been linked to infertility, birth defects and damage to the nervous system.

Sample Assessment Question

Why is over-prescription of antibiotics to animals bad?

  • A. It may lead to antibiotic resistance in animals, and these antibiotic-resistant germs might become infectious to humans.
  • B. It inflates the prices of antibiotics for humans.
  • C. It might cause people to become addicted to antibiotics via consumption of meat.
  • D. It reduces the quality of meat.

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