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The massage therapy industry can be an extremely rewarding one, but if you’re not attracting enough clientele nor making enough money, it can also be extremely frustrating and discouraging. This class is designed to teach you the basic ins/outs of marketing, so that you can increase your client base and enjoy a rewarding career. This class is suitable for both the beginning massage therapist as well as the massage therapist that has been practicing for many years and now desires to open his/her own massage therapy private practice. Because the massage therapy industry is continuing to rise each year, it is imperative that you learn how to separate yourself from your competitors and at the same time, learn how to attract your ideal prospective client. If you’ve wanted to learn how to capitalize via the online social media channels or just want to learn how to effectively network, this class has that and more. Tips for keeping that client returning to you for many sessions to come, is also included in this 12 hour course.

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Class Objective

This class is designed to teach you the techniques and strategies that will help you be truly successful as a massage therapist. Whether you are trying to improve your existing client base, or start your own private practice, you will learn what it takes to succeed.

Class Topics

  • All About Marketing
  • How to do Market Research
  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Studying your Competitors
  • Understanding your Ideal Prospect
  • Niche Marketing
  • Branding Yourself
  • Marketing Your Services Locally & Face-to-Face
  • Marketing Your Services Online
  • Must Have Tools of the Trade
  • The Power of Networking
  • How to be an Entrepreneur
  • Other Tips for Success

Sample Course Text

You can also offer a response to an article published about your niche, critiquing it or offering a new perspective. Both ways, you will build authority. And that way, you will create the possibility of the publication consulting you in the future as well. However, if you don’t find the time or opportunity to approach publications in this manner, you can always take the online route. There are several forums4 out there where people are seeking guidance on health, wellness, stress relief, better posture and different types of massage therapy. By offering your expertise on these topics on a regular basis, you will eventually build an audience that will be more than happy to pay you for massage therapy.

Sample Assessment Question

Your business cards, flyers, and brochures should all ______ each other in content as well as style.

  • A. Compliment
  • B. Contradict
  • C. Be unique
  • D. None of the Above

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