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This online CE class was developed especially for licensed massage therapists. While earning NCBTMB-approved continuing education credits, you will learn:

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A cervicogenic headache is felt primarily in the forehead, temples or orbital (eye) area. The pain is aggravated by static neck positions. You will probably notice among your massage therapy clients that those who do repetitive tasks at work or tend to have improper neck movements (like holding a phone with their shoulder while typing or craning their necks to work on machinery) will be much more prone to this type of headache.

Experts believe that the physiological reason for neck pain that develops into a headache lies in the upper part of the spinal cord. This is where the sensory nerve fibers from the neck meet sensory nerve fibers from the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve transmits signals from the cervical sructures to the brain, causing referred headache pain.

Sample Assessment Question

A severe, strictly unilateral pain episode lasting between 15 to 180 minutes and occurs multiple times in a day describes which of the following terms?

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