Massage for congestive heart failure

Massage for congestive heart failure

Considering the growing number of patients who are using massage as a natural and completely safe solution for their ongoing health issues, it’s not surprising that massage can relieve the anxiety and discomfort associated with congestive heart failure (CHF), particularly for men.

In a recent Taiwanese study, scientists measured key vital signs – including blood pressure, respiratory rates and oxygen saturation levels – of 64 patients to determine the changes before and after their back massage treatments.

Results of the study on massage for congestive heart failure:

Although the study didn’t mention any specific substances, perhaps the health benefits of massage would have been more pronounced had scientists used pure essential oils,┬árather than off-the-shelf brands made with synthetic substances knowledgeable therapists wouldn’t use.

Suggestions for your massage practice

1. Massage has a profound effect on the heart, one of the strongest muscles in the human body. Take note of how many of your clients have been affected by heart problems.

2. Learn more about the healing art of massage, and its benefits, to expand your reach in your market. This will help you improve recommendations and treatments for each client, and perhaps discover a specialty you can cater to.


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Melissa Wood, ND